How novel.

November 30, 2005

After three plus years of, my output slowed considerably. (Shut it.) Doug’s frequent suggestion that I start a bl…a bl…something simpler to which to post lined up tidily with my realization that I have been spending money monthly for the privilege of not saying much at all.

Let’s update:

I’m three-months vegan and halfheartedly looking for a new job and I don’t know what to get anyone for the fucking holidays. (“Fucking holidays.” I enter time and attendance at work, and wish I was smart enough to subvert one of the leave categories to display that description, and then take ten days’ worth of them.) I’m grumpier, and more fiercely political. This morning I had a dream about Steve Carrell, which I consider to be the most glorious moment of the past several months.

I look like this now: jennface

How have you been?


7 Responses to “How novel.”

  1. p-nut. said

    this is fancy.
    i can leave comments, and you can reply!

    this seems odd for

    so let us pretend things are the way they were and obviate the back-and-forth commenting.

    HEY! fine. really? sweat. yeah. yeah. ok. later!
    or maybe just a two-way: YOU NEED TO UPDATE.

  2. jennitive said

    I’m so glad you’re my first commenter! Commentor? Now you can write slurs against MY thumbs!

  3. Doug said

    Oh, I am excited about this. We shall have extra-fun blogtime.

  4. Ruth said

    Hoooray! The Google alert that I set so long ago has paid off! Welcome back and best of luck!!! I’m an old fan, and now I’m also a current fan! Blog on–I’ll be here!

  5. Col said

    I’ve been tuning in to the greenish bit since 2003ish and, as a pure observer, never hit the keys…..until now. Its about time to say thank you so, thank you……Have had some pretty dark times in the last few years but a trip to Verdancy always picked up the senses and brought a smile. Good to see you will keep posting. Eclectic and sparky brains are so hard to find these days! Good luck, good fortune, happy health and plenty of Marmite.

  6. Carl said

    Ditto what Col said.

  7. Alberto said

    Just like Col and Carl I have been mousecliking my way to Verdancy. I’ll be a regular on this blog as well.

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