For your consideration.

December 4, 2005


-Parker Posey should never act again. Besides having a mouth that, sans braces, stretches wide exactly as if accomodating orthodontia, what has this woman done to remain employed?

-Goth girls are necessary. I know, this is shocking to me, too. I wish I’d had my camera, because her ancient-looking black tiered petticoat against the yellow-particleboard booth at Subway was the nicest juxtaposition I’ve seen in a while.

Moonstruck,which I watched last night for the first time since the 80s, is so good because it’s so tight. There isn’t a single extraneous scene. I wish I could say the same for more recent movies, even those I love.

– Spacehog needs to just change the lyrics to “In the Meantime” to “We yapdee all lee all-be-ooo,” because it’s been a decade now and that’s how we all still sing it when it comes on the radio.


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