December 28, 2005

Yet another dream: Johnny Knoxville is in charge of a strange, MXC-type game  in a swamp and an old house. He seduces me, seems to like me, then promptly sells me into sex slavery.


4 Responses to “But…but…”

  1. leina'ala said

    your dreams are so much better than mine! last night i dreamt i got a crock pot for christmas, and that i used it to make delicious pot roast.
    on a related note, i turned 26 in october. i think maybe 26 is older than i thought.

  2. jennitive said

    See, I would love to have a dream like that! I wake up bewildered, and think that somehow the stuff in my dreams really happened. I could handle thinking I’d made a pot roast for the first quarter of my day.

    26 is so young, even by crazy entertainment/media standards, but I DON’T FEEL 26. Marrrrghhh!

  3. p-nochle. said

    zooey’s turnin 26 as well! WE HAVE PARTY! BYOZ.

  4. jennitive said

    This Deschanel thing has gotten out of control, Paik. Although I can see the appeal!

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