December 31, 2005

An ex-friend from high school contacted me, and apparently is doing better than I expected. But she’s married a bearded something in a Harley Davidson t-shirt. She’s gaunt and tanned where she was once cherubic and pale. Her child’s photographs are beautiful, almost identical to the mother’s at that age, but I see the scars of self-inflicted wounds on the wrist in the background. I gave up the worry years ago, but good luck to you, Angie. And be careful.


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  1. Angelina Whitlock said

    An ex-friend indeed. I very much love that “beared something” who you know nothing about. I am thin yes, sorry I don’t sit around eating bon-bons all day letting my ass grow excessively. You know nothing of the “self-inflicted wonds, and what sucks the most is, you don’t want to even catch up but quick to jump to conclusions and give pity to an unwanting victim. Thank you for giving up your “worry years ago”, now I am able to let go of the hope and beauty you quickly just shattered. I don’t need your good luck and false be careful. I love my life, as petty and meaningless as you may think it is.

  2. jennitive said

    Never said a word about meaninglessness. I don’t know much about your life, but I do know that you have a history of mental illness, bulimia, and drug abuse. I commented on what I saw because I was jolted by hearing from you today, shocked into chest pain by concrete evidence that I did care what had happened to you. Do realize that I’m not the only one who neglected the friendship, and that you lashed out in your own ways after I’d moved away. If all is well, I am glad, and I do apologize for hurting you.

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