January 1, 2006

Remember six months to a year ago when Sarah Jessica Parker was Enjoying being a Girl? I wish I didn’t. Remember, that is.

This must pain my neighbors, but I certainly do enjoy Karaoke Revolution. Especially KR3, which includes. Erm. “My Immortal.” Which I swear I only know from the radio. I have to take the McDonald’s/Air Traffic Controller headphone off though, when I play the game, so that I don’t hear myself. And I sing really very quietly. I do not sing quietly in the car, and have a horrible phobia that somehow I’ll forget to lock my cellphone’s keys, and it will call someone from my purse, and they will hear me at my least ashamed. “ANJOU STILL HAAAAAVE…ALL OF MEEEEEEE!”

This New Year’s Eve, Giahn and I went out for sushi and then went to bed at 10:30, for various illness- and sleepiness-related reasons. My life, she is so sexy.


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