Party Monster

January 4, 2006

I tend to make birthday resolutions instead of New Year’s resolutions, because the dates are so close that the year doesn’t seem to have flipped until my age has. (Since I was born in very early 1980, the last digit of the new year matches the last digit of my age. I’ve always loved this. Easy to please.) This year, the list is pretty quotidian: drop some weight, think more on the career/education problem, find a way to volunteer. Yawny, hm?

Today, PreBirthday Lunch at work, since I’m taking tomorrow off. My friends decorated the tables with photographs of kittens and plastic replicas of animal scat. (“Which poop do you have? This must be bear, look at the size.”) They know me well. Peter decided a couple of years ago that the period between Christmas and 1/5 is Jennukah, and now everyone uses the term. EVERYONE IN THE WULD! I had the pre-birthday effervescent veinzooms all day. Pretty giddy.

This afternoon, Melissa and I walked out of a building just in time to see a murder…
of crows spreading overhead and flocking to trees. They were beautiful and ominous, and I remembered that inky, true black is fairly uncommon in nature.


One Response to “Party Monster”

  1. Alberto said

    I hope you have a great time celebrating your birthday. cheers

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