Things you don’t want to hear from your dentist:

January 21, 2006

“Well, you’ve got some really interesting stuff going on in there.”

(Before you shrink away, thinking I’m Miss Tooth Decay 2006: the teeth you can see are ok. They just have friends, the permanent teeth who were supposed to replace them 12 years ago, waiting in the wings to make their debut. Ok, more like SITTING UP IN MY CHEEKS NOT MAKING A MOVE, the fuckers.)

Oh, and this. Google “retained deciduous teeth.” I don’t fit the genetic criteria for the average subject.


4 Responses to “Things you don’t want to hear from your dentist:”

  1. Sara said

    Your dentist didn’t actually say that, did they? If so, they’ll probably say the same thing about me. I think I’ve only ever lost about ten of my teeth. And I don’t have my twelve year molars yet. Hmm.

  2. jennitive said

    Yeah, those were the exact words. Along with “If anyone ever says you have a big mouth, tell them I said otherwise!” and “We may have to look into orthodontics.” It was fabulous.

  3. Sara said

    Oh dear. I’m sorry. Did you at least get a lollipop?

  4. jennitive said

    NO. Not even a sticker of a smiling tooth.

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