February 16, 2006

Dreambrain likes to bring up and overstate the importance of people that Awakebrain doesn’t think about much anymore. Tinges the whole day with irrelevant remembrance.


2 Responses to “Conflict”

  1. jclay said

    Yes, that’s always interesting, unless you don’t think about it. What fun is that? The thing that keeps my “Dreambrain” in perspective (ie; not acting DIRECTLY upon ideas, feelings etc. in Dreambrain) is the knowledge that the Dreambrain is a thinktank, sebatical, sensory deprivation chamber, for
    Awakebrain. Sometimes in and of themselves the rememberances are irrelevant. Sometimes they involve lessons left unlearned. Sometimes they are just threads of life that should not be forgotten but not necessarily dwelled upon. Pick any combo,… with fries.

    What’s a tinged day worth?

    Unrelated-If you have seen it, what did you think of “The Constant Gardener”?

  2. jennitive said

    Haven’t seen it yet. When it came out I was disappointed that it wasn’t really about a steadfast, loyal hedgetrimmer. It’s always checked out at my video stores.

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