Melissa’s March Horoscope (a selection for your enjoyment)

March 2, 2006

“Uranus’s job in a chart is to swiftly identify situations that have come to an end of their usefulness, rip them away, and open you up for something more productive.” Juvenile laughter ensues all around the office.


3 Responses to “Melissa’s March Horoscope (a selection for your enjoyment)”

  1. greenlightsabers said

    Hahaha, and over here too. :D

  2. Sara said

    Was this a REAL horoscope??? That made M, D, and me laugh loudly.

  3. jennitive said

    Of course it was real. We wondered if the astrologer did it on purpose, but she’s one of those sincere, Professor Trelawny people. Shudder.

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