March 5, 2006

To Crash producer Cathy Schulman:

It was a fluke, your movie was shit, and your earrings looked ridiculous with that dress. Fah-hucccck YOU.


5 Responses to “AUGH”

  1. Evan said

    Yeah, this kind of thing is why I stopped caring about the Oscars after Titanic won Best Picture. I stopped watching Crash maybe 15 minutes in because I just couldn’t take it anymore. Nobody who gives movies like Titanic and Crash best picture awards deserves any respect.

  2. jennitive said

    Yes, my only solace last night (these sort of things keep me awake) is that Crash is joining the ranks of such illustrious dreck as Chicago, Million Dollar Baby, and Forrest f-ing Gump. I SPIT ON YOU, ACADEMY.

  3. jclay said

    Although I have to agree that it wasn’t an “Oscar worthy” film, I didn’t think it was as much of a steamin’ pile o’ poo as you did. I thought the story was a bit contrived, but as I recall, it could’ve been alot worse. Regretfully so, I’m a victim of “movie alzhiemers”. Unless I’m blown away, my movie viewing experience can vaporize over time. (strictly for rentals) I don’t know how many times I’ve re-rented sub-par movies. Tell me what you thought was so craptastic about Crash.

  4. jennitive said

    Crash was so OBVIOUS. No subtlety. The characters made speeches instead of speaking like real people. It was a film made by white people for white people to address THE RACE ISSUE in a way that everyone could nod their heads to “Mmmhmm racism sure is terrible,” but without respect or real understanding for the problem. The acting and script were forced, and many have said it but I’ll repeat: how many movies have we seen with this “seemingly separate lives/chance meetings come together for a dramatic conclusion.” I haven’t felt so angry about a film in a long, long time. I stayed up for hours after the Oscars, fuming.

  5. jclay said

    Yeah, it did really pander. I actually don’t have a problem with the concept of “seemingly separate lives/chance meetings” as a story telling structure, but I tend to agree with you, it’s all about concept, execution, and innovation, … …oh, and Jennifer Espesito’s naked flesh. I guess one out of four will get you an Oscar.

    You obviously have a passion for film. Have you or do you aspire to write, shoot, act, or direct any thing? You write quite eloquently (can you WRITE eloquently?) and you’re obviously very intellegent (except, of course, in matters concerning Beer and Bovine.

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