This is what happens when I fall asleep on the couch.

March 31, 2006

I dreamt that by hanging out with some goth boy I acquired a few handicaps. And when I stopped at McDonald's for a strawberry milkshake, someone stole my motorized wheelchair, my car, and my prosthetic middle finger. When I tried to call someone, I couldn't remember anyone's name or number or where I worked. Later, I was at this terrifying funhouse, and the last ride was a shallow staircase you had to climb with both hands and feet, and when you got to the top you had to answer questions on a variety of really morbid, subjects. If you couldn't, your fingers were slowly smashed between laquered wooden boards.


One Response to “This is what happens when I fall asleep on the couch.”

  1. jclay said

    I love this stuff! I had asked if you had any writing and/or film making aspirations in a previous post. Clive Barker and Steven King ( and all those other pop-prolifics) should be shaking in their boots. I am so envious. I too have very bizarre dreams, but unlike you, I cannot seem to recall most of them in such delicious detail. Or maybe, I just “choose” NOT to remember. Blah Blah. I’d love to create some imagery and music to express such a disturbing and somewhat comical predicament. McBad McCouch.

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