This week’s neuron misfires.

April 27, 2006

1. On Monday morning, Northern VA was covered in dense fog, and when I stepped out of my building, there wasn't a car in the street or a person in the parking lot. My first thought: "Oh god. Zombies."

2. In the bead aisle of the craft store: "I wish there was some place that sold beads already strung together. Like as a. Bracelet. Wait…"

3. At a traffic light Wednesday evening, two minutes passed in which I thought the hard-boiled egg smell in the air was not vehicle emissions from the outside, but the Cadbury Creme Eggs in my bag.


2 Responses to “This week’s neuron misfires.”

  1. Sara said

    Yep. You’re related to me, alright.

  2. bob said

    zombies. lol.

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