June 19, 2006

After all these years, I'm finally ready to talk about my nose. It's a subject I will end conversations and leave rooms to avoid. I've gotten used to it, the feature, and grown into it, somewhat, but I was taking photos of myself to illustrate a post about something else entirely, and it caused problems. Again.

When I was a thin, fairly well-developed, blonde sixth grader, a boy told me I'd be perfect if it weren't for my nose. My sister enjoys making fun of it, which is her right, as she is my sister, and as I make fun of almost all of her body parts and mannerisms. And lots of other people have lots worse versions.

I don't mind it so much anymore, and haven't wanted to get it fixed since ten years ago. (I'm afraid I'd end up weirdly false and out-of-balance without it.) The cartilage seems squarer, and better, somehow, than it used to be. Some famous women have unusual or "strong" noses (fuck this euphemism, though I'll use it all day long) which is of some comfort. My cat's nose is similar, too. Wide at the bridge. Leonine. And, of course, I have developed many other flaws to skirt around and hate. But at the optical shop, or at certain angles in photos, or when anyone even mentions the word…


3 Responses to “N”

  1. Sara said

    It’s okay. I’m the same way about my chin in pictures. I’m sorry that the boy was a butt. I shall try not to make fun of it anymore. I actually think it’s one of your most striking traits, in the nicest sense. It makes you unique. And I think you look pretty in pictures, no matter what you say.

  2. mele said

    gwizz, as a fellow “uniquely nosed” female, i can relate. i never minded my nose until people said i looked like a ski-slope, on several different occasions. my mom has my nose too and has always wanted to “fix” it, to my chagrin. i still don’t really care, i guess. my fatted pink cheeks have been more my version of that “what-people-always-compliment-but-i-hate-about-myself,” which stinks because when people talk about mine they get more red. sigh. but seriously, your whole dang face is super hot, yo. H to the izzy. uh, yeah… sorry. *blush*

  3. jennitive said

    Daahaha. “Fatted pink cheeks” sounds like a dish served in the Bible. They’re pink, but not fatty!

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