June 27, 2006

Jenn: I dreamt that someone suspiciously like Ajay and I were working on a document at a copy shop, and he kept arguing with me that a monogram was any letters thrown anywhere on a page, instead of letters sitting together and generally representing a name. Rob Schneider was working the Kinko’s and trying to help me, and refusing to admit that he was Rob Schneider.

Also, Slash was there and he didn’t pay any attention to me.

Doug: The idea that Rob Schneider was ‘making copies’ but refusing to admit it is an absolutely bizarre mental connection.

Jenn: OH SNAP. I didn’t even think of that!



No Responses Yet to “Zzz…”

  1. mele said

    OMG doug you just exhumed that memory from the wrecked folds of my brain, curse you. i i i enjoy the recollection but am also, horror-stricken by how long ago that was.

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