“I like movies, mo-vies mo-vies”

July 3, 2006

Superman Returns: Good! But Lex Luthor’s already-mundane brand of evil is further squelched by the choice of Kumar as henchman. And with that budget, and all Hollywood has to offer, I can’t believe they couldn’t find Brandon Routh a better pair of blue contact lenses. He has that stripey-eyed Lil’ Kim look.

Walk the Line: Good! Yeah, I’m slow, but I was dreading it after watching With-her-spoon’s Oscar acceptance speech.

Bang the Drum Slowly: Mmph.

Dr Zhivago: Barely watchable. Dull. Poorly dubbed. A beloved classic, I know.

The Ice Harvest: Awful. I chose this out of the Red Box at the supermarket, and wish I’d spent that $1 on anything else.


One Response to ““I like movies, mo-vies mo-vies””

  1. Sara said

    Yeah, just the title of Dr. Zhivago sounds boring. You should hear some of the crap Granddad keeps trying to make Dad rent. I’m glad you liked Superman, though. I saw it on Saturday and thought that it was way better than X Men: Last Stand. But the blue contacts bothered me too.

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