July 8, 2006

The anti-menstrual-supression camp. Sure, worry about the health effects, but when you blame us for “dealing with the beautiful, natural menstrual cycle as it if were just a nuisance” I blame you for applying fawning mysticism to a fucking bodily function.

The Raconteurs. There aren’t more than two songs worth listening to on Broken Boy Soldiers.

Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man’s Chest. TOO LONG. TOO SLOW. WANTED BEAST TO EAT THEM ALL.


2 Responses to “Annoyances”

  1. Sara said

    And Granddad. Don’t forget Granddad. We just went 2 hours to Culpepper. He hummed the whole way, in a pathetic attempt to get us to stop listening to the radio. It’s hard not to yell.

  2. jennitive said

    But you could have opted to stay home, as you’re an adult.

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