September 12, 2006

It’s not as though I go to clubs, ever, or New York, ever, or anywhere, ever. But after watching Party Monster: The Shockumentary, I was sad that people probably don’t dress like this anymore:

And yeah, hardly anyone probably ever did, but what did we get left with? Big pants and candy. And nouveau-goth. And then sort of nothing. Collared shirts and jeans and tshirts with words on them, and girls in camisoles? Magaziney-fashion. Even the 80s nostalgia came from the not-fun portion of the 80s. ( Fucking leggings?) The only halfway-interesting portion of is the nudity.

Did club kids strike people then the way cosplayers and furries strike us now? I hope not.

See, this why I get obsessed with Halloween, and with people like Amanda Lepore.

(HEY, also. How do people in NY end up with that perpetually-stuffy-nosed accent, like James St. James?)


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