The butt-jut. It’s perennial.

September 17, 2006

At 16 I had a brief foray into the world of beach souvenir sales. It was my first job, I had no idea what was expected, and I lasted two weeks before being fired. Note the hermit crab in hand, and the growing-out bangs. (Thanks to A.A.W. for the photo.)


2 Responses to “The butt-jut. It’s perennial.”

  1. Sara said

    Yeah, I can’t see you working anywhere near a beach. I’m not surprised you only lasted two weeks.

    Also, you still look like that, only your hair is better. You never age!

  2. Alberto said

    16, If only I could go back. This image was so great that i had to make it into a vector. here’s the link

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