Fun Size

November 6, 2006

Tiny, grumpy rat snake.


4 Responses to “Fun Size”

  1. Sara said

    Is that the rat snake from work? I didn’t think he was that small!

  2. jennitive said

    No, it’s a 2-year-old that a member of the public brought to us. Yeah, thanks. Leave wildlife alone. We released it soon after.

  3. mele said

    dood the commune where i used to live at caught a juvy BOBCAT this week. ‘mazing. i wish they’d let it go but some redneck would probably kill it, since it had acquired a taste for chickens. i hope they let it go near the app. trail so it can eat a hiker.

  4. Sara said

    What a bunch of ‘tards. Didn’t they know that a wildlife park was just going to release it? And now I want a Snickers. Thanks.

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