Well, she’s BOOK-smart.

January 1, 2007

11:15 p.m, 12/31/06 : “Uhnnnnnghh. Cake put stomach into spin cycle. Poor choice.”

10:15 a.m, 1/1/07 : “Ooh, leftover cake!”

2:00 p.m, 1/1/07: Set up parents’ new digital camera and photo printer.

2:25 p.m, 1/1/07: Lacked skills necessary to attach strap to parents’ new digital camera.

3:00 p.m, 1/1/07: Backed into parents’ neighbors’ shrubbery. Dragged holiday light strand halfway down driveway with spoiler. Plus side: colorful and tamper-proof coating on trunk hatch!


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