March 4, 2007

1.) I just recently came to understand two phrases: “There are no small parts, only small actors.” So “small” meaning “petty, small-minded”…a definition I hadn’t come across when I first heard it in a theatre at age 5 or 6. “Wipe from front to back.” I never followed this advice, because I assumed it meant one big swipe, from stem to stern, as it were. But apparently it refers just to the bumpart. Ohhhhhh. Well, yeah.

2.) I fear that I will resemble Kenny the Page from 30 Rock if I allow my hair to return to its natural color. But I also fear that I resemble my husband with my current short, dark hair.

3.) I’m inordinately fond of the Wonder Pets

4.) Whenever I hear a honk on the road, I assume it’s directed at me. I’m not a particularly bad driver, just self-conscious to the point of paranoia.

5.) This Robin-gone-quiet thing is making me crazy.

6.) I love my husband. Of course I do, but I’m finally realizing that I what I used to look for would have made for a pair of separately-bought, thrift-store bookends. Similar, somewhat functional, but ultimately mismatched. Giahn and I, to the contrary, are like puzzle pieces, or lock and key, or whichever well-trodden cliche you prefer.


One Response to “Admissions”

  1. mele said

    awwwww that last one is so sweet. you should tell him if you have not. :)

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