Problems with Juno

January 21, 2008

1) The writing, especially Juno’s dialogue, in the first half, reeks of ink and ego. Someone laughing at her own lame jokes. I don’t expect pure naturalism, but no one talks that way. Even if the Bone Collector reference was intentional, really? That movie? Which leads me to my next point.

2) The movie was either drafted in the 90’s or written by someone whose frame of reference doesn’t extend beyond 1995. Ok, Juno likes old music: the Stooges and the Runaways. And Hole. HOLE. Not even L7 or Bikini Kill but Holey Holey Hole. Main male character obsesses over Sonic Youth, who would have been popular in his…youth. Fine. But then Juno makes a Thundercats reference, and Thundercats last aired when she was zero. Her eighties references should be nil. Maybe she watched it on DVD or YouTube, but if she saw it so recently she shouldn’t have said “Thundercats are go!” Cause ThunderBIRDS are go, but they aired in the sixties, unless she saw that horrible remake movie. So Juno is someone with a bad memory in her twenties, or her late forties, or just really high. Cause it’s “Thundercats HO.”

3) How many more movies are going to illustrate the horrible subjugation men face because women ask them to a) be responsible and b) keep their guitars in one room of the house? I think American Beauty started this trend. It’s tired.

4) Two non-white characters in the film. One an idiot, the other a bitch.

5) The second half of the movie was endearing, so I can’t decide what to rate it on Netflix.


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