April 5, 2008

I’m trying, for my own amusement, to grow a retro-bush. So far the results are less than impressive.


8 Responses to “Foxy”

  1. mele said

    what, pray tell, has led you down this path of misfortune? (says the former hairy hippy.) we need to go on a girl date. tell me when you and melissa come to tysons again. or whatevs.

  2. rara said

    Show and tell

  3. jennitive said

    I have to let it reach maximum fluff before I share it with my public.

  4. mele said

    blowdrying helps.

  5. RJ said

    I just found your blog Jenn.
    I used to follow verdancy and I originally stumbled upon verdancy from Retrocrush….so the first thing I see here is Retro-Bush!
    The cosmic joker is playing word association games with me I think…..

  6. jennitive said

    I’m delighted to remake your acquaintance, RJ. The bush is slow going. Expect photos by early May?

  7. rara said

    Verdancy… The good old times

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