“Fall off the edge of my mind.”

July 1, 2008

All times approximate.

1100 hour: Applied glycolic acid serum to recently-depilated skin. Don’t do that.

1205: It’s some guy’s birthday (singer?) from Better than Ezra, so they merited a block of songs on the radio. “In The Blood” – “This song is actually pretty good and nostalgic, not that I owned it. And asking and wanting-to-know are two of my very favorite pastimes. LA LA LA LAAAH LA LA LA.” “Good” – Ok this is why they are an annoying band. YEAH DAS RIGHT.” “Desperately Wanting” – “This is awful, and is trumped by the better awful of “Unskinny Bop” on the other station.”

1330: Mid-workday, I tripped over an unnecessarily-long phone cord and fell hard onto my knees. No eyewitnesses, but everyone heard the elephantine thud. I fell onto my back and laughed until tears ran into my ears. That was the best waking moment of the past few months.

2000: Glided through Target with my hands in my pockets. “This is how Kate Hepburn would have walked if she had a 28-inch inseam.”

2030: Deer below my balcony, so close I could hear him chewing.


One Response to ““Fall off the edge of my mind.””

  1. rara said

    You should have another video of a day in your life like you did a few months back.

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