Walking Billy

July 10, 2008

Behind my group of condominiums is a small neighborhood of tall, peaked-roofed townhouses. The properties are new, but styled to look old, or at least somewhat European, with eight-foot Gene Kelly lamps in each driveway. My car and I loop around their cul-de-sacs every few midnights, headlights too bright and eyes half-closed.


4 Responses to “Walking Billy”

  1. Fig said

    Watch me break ’em with a 7, 7-11, 7-11,
    7 even back doored little Joe.

    And your post reminded me of this

    in a weird free association kind of way

  2. jennitive said

    He’s actually acting quite a bit like I do at home.
    (But not her. Icky.)

    And why did it remind you of Ice Cube?

  3. Fig said

    Go easy on her, that’s how I iron.

    The Ice Cube part was just because it was July 11th, the 7:11 am posting time was pure cool coincidence.

  4. Fig said

    By the way, glad to see you’re still at it. I was a sporadic verdancy reader back in the day. Next to Azzerad’s “Our Hair Could Be Your Life”, you were the #2 document of the King Street wig shop scene.

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