I need a new last name.

August 19, 2008

Jennifer Bonham-Carter?

Jennifer di Castiglione?

Jennifer Snape?

Jennifer Franzibald?

Jennifer Poindexter?

Jennifer Benjamin? (JennBenn)

Jennifer Tepes?

Jenn Katz?

Shaft? Jennnnnnn Shaft?


9 Responses to “I need a new last name.”

  1. Jim said

    She’s one bad mother…

  2. Sara said

    I like “JennBenn”. It’s pandaesque.

  3. RJ said

    I don’t recommend Taylor, we used to have a Human Resources officer called Jenny Taylor….needless to say she became known as Genitalia…it was an appropriate nickname for her though

  4. Fig said

    H. Jenn Benjamin

  5. Fig said

    Jenn O. Side?
    you can drop the “O” by day, but should you ever need to join Gwar…

  6. Fig said

    Jennjamin Disraeli.
    …I give up

  7. Jenn said

    I’m awfully fond of Benjamin. It’s the frontrunner so far. I will try to pick one by the autumnal equinox.

  8. mobilly said

    As this blog fully attests, THIS Benjamin ain’t at all private.

    That said, I have always liked when someone has a first name for a last name: Phyllis George. George Michael. Susan Marjorie. Jenn Benjamin.

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