Eastdale Mall

August 26, 2008

In junior high I thought of money in terms of the cost of my most-purchased items. ($50 was a lot to spend on a single item: three cd’s and a movie ticket!) That habit faded, but another from the same era remains: I still think of time in terms of movie-lengths.  At 5:30 this evening I knew I  had an entire costume drama to go before I could leave work.


4 Responses to “Eastdale Mall”

  1. RJ said

    wow me too…the fact that I could easily watch Star Wars 4 times during a working day has depressed me many times. Not that I would watch SW of course, but it works for me as a unit of measure.
    In reality I’d probably choose 8 episodes of ‘Quincy’ instead….

  2. Fig said

    Mine was “Westgate”

  3. mobilly said

    $50 seems like so little money now, but $1,000,000 still seems like a huge amount. If I had a million bucks right now, it wouldn’t matter if I had four Star Wars or one Marie Antoinette to go before the end of the work day, I would walk out and never come back.

  4. Jenn said

    Hahaha I love you, Mo.

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