I won’t tell anybody.

September 17, 2008

I was thinking about the stereotype of slutty Halloween costumes tonight, and the concept of Sexy Morrissey tm made me laugh.

Plus, this song has been in my head all month.


8 Responses to “I won’t tell anybody.”

  1. RJ said

    You’ve got the frown perfect but where’s the twig?

  2. Jenn said

    What’s a twig?!

  3. Fig said

    You’re the One For Me, Slutty?
    Bigbust Strikes Again?
    There Is A Snap, And It Never Stays Closed?
    (ok, that last one sucked)

  4. Jenn said

    I liked them all!

  5. RJ said

    Twig = branch/piece of tree
    usually seen stuck in the back pocket of Morrissey’s trousers back in The Smith’s days

    before you ask

    Trousers = pants :)

  6. Jenn said

    Ah the Oscar Wildean flowery branch. Didn’t have one on hand.

  7. Plank said

    Does someone have a cat tat???

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