September 22, 2008

I broke open the cookie, and the fortune read: “Accept the next proposition you hear.” ReadyGO!


17 Responses to “Apropos”

  1. Fig said

    I thought it was a decent proposition.

  2. Sara said

    Come up to the lab and see what’s on the slab.

  3. RJ said

    I propose you read my mind then…..

    Actually it’s not fair as I am like 6 hours behind everyone else…I never stood a chance

  4. jennitive said

    Oh, but I’m still accepting submissions. But these are propositions I’m reading, not hearing.

  5. jennitive said

    Raised eyebrow. I always think of you as married.

  6. Fig said

    and who knew you think of me. ha

  7. RJ said

    I just sent my proposition by the power of remote telepathy…did you hear it.
    Or does it have to be aural to count?

  8. Fig said

    “If you’ll all just be patient, there’s plenty of anonymous innuendo to go around.”

  9. Jenn said

    RJ: I didn’t hear a thing, unless that was you meowing.

    Fig: Oh, do be nice. I have a terrible cold and need the amusement.

  10. Fig said

    Ok. (Lucky for you, I got the same fortune.)

  11. Jim said


    oh wait, prOposition… my goof.

  12. Fig said

    ps. Thinking is hot, thinking at 3am is hotter.

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