Three items.

September 25, 2008


[22:08] j: i dreamt i was meryl streep
[22:08] m: oo
[22:08] j: and i had these magnificent breasts! huge and round!
[22:08] j: and i kept trying to get the help to touch them
[22:08] m: hahaha
[22:08] m: you already have nice knockers
[22:08] j: blush
[22:09] j: well these were like. spherical.
[22:09] j: with tight little nipples
[22:09] j: it was kind of hot

2- (On walking past a talking dead-guy decoration on display at Michael’s)

Four-year-old child: Why did they put that there? To scare me?

Mom: Yep!

Child: Because that’s what Halloween’s all about!

Mom: That’s right!

Jenn: (Sniffle)



6 Responses to “Three items.”

  1. peter said

    show and tell

  2. Fig said

    line of the day:
    “I kept trying to get the help to touch them.”

  3. RJ said

    “Breast Becomes Her”

  4. Fig said

    “Sophie’s Jugs”

    “The Devil Wears Nada”? (hint)

  5. Fig said

    dammit, “Chest”, “Sophie’s Chest”.
    You always hit submit right after you come up with the perfect meryl-streep-movie-tit-synonym, amirite?

  6. Sara said

    I saw a Halloween Mr. Potato Head today and thought of you. And wanted it.

    I’ll be home for ‘ween. We should do something.

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