October 2, 2008

Last night’s dream:

I was standing in the kitchen with a scoop of ice cream covering each breast.

No One In Particular: “I’ve already tried that flavor.”

J: “Must you people crave novelty ABOVE ALL ELSE?!”



4 Responses to “Give’er”

  1. Fig said

    “You people”…next you’ll be saying we should have our own schools.

  2. Jim said

    So which flavors were they? (Rhyme at your own risk) Fudge Ripple? Chocolate Chips? Peanut butter cups?
    Who needs novelty when the flavor is delicious? :)

  3. Jenn said

    It was something pink, actually.

  4. Jim said

    Bubble gum?! I hope so, that was always my favorite as a kid. Nom nom nom!

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