“It’s the MOST WONDERFUL time of the year…”

October 9, 2008



6 Responses to ““It’s the MOST WONDERFUL time of the year…””

  1. Sara said

    How did you get the blood?

  2. RJ said

    I think it’s probably ‘Big Red’ Cream Soda :)

  3. peter said

    Non-Toxic Blood (edible)

    1. Combine 1 part water with 3 parts corn syrup (golden syrup in the UK).
    2. Add red food coloring and mix gently by shaking or stirring. Continue adding drops until the shade resembles that of real blood. Add a small amount of blue food coloring to achieve a more realistic shade.

    3. Add a thickener.

    * Dry thickener – Add sifted flour or corn starch to your mixture, and gently mix it all again. You may get small lumps forming at the top of the mixture. Wait about a minute and they will float to the top where you can remove them.
    * Wet thickener – Stir in chocolate syrup until the desired consistency is reached. It will also add a realistic brown tone to the blood.
    4. Let the mixture sit for ten minutes in a warm environment. This will give it some time to thicken. And then you can freak people out with it, it is a lot of fun.

  4. jclay said

    Why aren’t you a “professional” photographer? You have the eye and a wonderfully obscure and honest conceptual mind.

  5. Jenn said

    BUT NO SKILL! But I do wonder if I could be the bastard child of the Countess di Castiglione and Cindy Sherman…

  6. jclay said

    Skill can be acquired. Talent is a gift. Cue music. Roll credits.

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