So, more Halloween.

October 19, 2008

DISCLAIMER 1: Two groups of people have taken most of the fun out of dressing up like a cat. (Dressing up like a cat is fun? Yes, yes it is.) Group A: Furries. Ugh. Group B: Andrew Lloyd Fucking Weber. Worse than the furries. THAT SAID, here we go.

I purchased this the other day, and it is a piece of shit. Do not buy. I don’t know whose anatomy it is supposed to fit, and I know my nose is weird, but it was just a chunk of malformed painted latex. And there is ether in the fixative. Seriously.

So, disappointed but still feeling makeup-y, I put this on.

DISCLAIMER 2: I didn’t enjoy The Dark Knight as much as I’d hoped to. But my parents’ dog is going to be Batman for the Halloween parade next Sunday, so I thought I’d be the Joker. I can’t believe there are actual tutorials online for how to do Heath Ledger Joker makeup. They should all read like this: Put white all over your face. Put black around your eyes. Put red around your mouth. Smear. Make strokey half-smile.

So of course I’ll also have green hairspray and a purple teeshirt. Note: this photo is extra-menacing because of the Rainbow Brite doll in the background. Your results may vary.


One Response to “So, more Halloween.”

  1. Jim said

    Make sure to pick up a couple decks of cards to pull the Jokers out of. Also of importance is to carry around a few sharpened pencils.

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