Banes of my generation

December 5, 2008

-the choice (it is a choice) young women make to use voices so high-pitched  and constantly-questioning that I  frantically turn down the phone volume for 7 out of 10 incoming work calls

The Nightmare Before Christmas. It was a well-designed and scored and soundtracked movie.  Fifteen years ago.  Stop wearing it, stop mooning about it, stop using it as the THEME OF YOUR WEDDING CAKE. Please? See also, any one piece of pop culture you can’t leave alone.  Broaden the scope. Do it.

-Having kids. Come on. 200,000 years.  So old hat.

2 Responses to “Banes of my generation”

  1. Sara said

    All the ones that are pretty are Corpse Bride cakes, anyway. And that movie was terrible.

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