December 18, 2008


2 Responses to “GNASH”

  1. Whaaaa… the fuck? I feel like someone just tried to sell me massive stock in Jesus Christ. Apparently Jesus is this man’s Savior and his Capitalist Panacea.

    The folks who are his writers & Dr. SPIN-A-LOTS… I have to wonder if they’re demented- or just- well, I can’t think of other options, aside from a Type A sort of desperation for ANY political work. But “doctoring” that slop pile of fervent contradictory statements & majorly vague positive phrases- it would be like working somewhere so slippery w/ Politico Grease, you can’t even stay upwright. Let alone write, or turn circular nonsense into at least kinda believable nonsense. (See: “myth.” A risky concept to toss around when talking politics. I submit that: Statistics do it better! Especially when blowing away vague arguments of the sort Mr. Warren weaves. The results are in, though- and Actual facts do disprove Your facts. As well as that self-created Liberal Myth.

    He’s also really, REALLY 80s! Just not in any of the fabulous ways.
    Okay, time for me to do some stretching/yoga/then mayyybe napping. Hope you’re enjoying the rainsounds today – soooo pretty – and thanks for this link. I’m leaving it open so I remember to write a bit later, when signing. Take a whole lot of care; R.

  2. after Liberal Myth, grrrruhh, tired
    comes a . and also
    a ). YES! (Yes!)

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