Nap, 6-10.

March 14, 2009

I’ve meant to make this list for a couple of years now. There is a specific geography in which most of my dreams take place. Unconscious Northern Virginia and its neighboring states. Here are some of the landmarks:

1.) Costume shop: Its almost always full of shoppers, and everything’s strewn around. I’m almost always searching for a powdered wig, but noteable exceptions have been She-Ra and Go-Go Yubari costumes.

2.) TokyArlington. Arlington is a long bridge away, over featureless water. Apartments are small and expensive there, and often tatami-floored, but not  as overcrowded as today’s Tokyo. Maybe EdoTokyArlington.

3.) The theatre.  If I go to a movie, it’s in a round ampitheatre, and the one I want to see is almost always sold out. There’s a mad, Pepsi-fueled scramble to find something else to see, every time. Dream Doug and Mele become highly irritable.

4.) The Smithsonian: The American History museum is heavy on movie props and costumes, and the personal effects of celebrities. Sometimes these objects are for sale. (Last time I was weighing the purchase of  a pair of Prince’s purple basketball shoes against that of Vivien Leigh’s lipstick-streaked purse.)  The Museum of Natural History has live whales, and resembles the Seattle Aquarium.

5.)The Beach. The beach isn’t a long strip of sand along the ocean, but a perpendicular, sandy walk to a half-mile of waterfront.  It’s immeasurably fun and always 75 degrees.

6.) College. As in my actual college experience, I haven’t done any of my school work, or bothered to go to any classes, but my living and social lives are the perceived real problems. I’m usually trying to kick out or keep from getting a roommate. I’m often sex-starved or heartbroken. Sometimes the dorm is missing important features like doors or toilets.

8.) The dress shop. I’m searching for something to wear to The Dance, and nothing works. Once I gave up and stole a bunch of shoes instead; once every dress was covered in tiny neon tubing and the luminous effect of the entire store was incredibly beautiful and scary. The dress shop generally shares a mall with the piercing shop. I have no piercings, even in the dream, but for some reason NEED new barbells and rings.

9.) The tattoo shop. Why are you tattooing me on a ratty couch? You’re not the artist I want. Noooo, not Rainbow Brite on the back of my leg!

10.) The barber’s chair. This  is where I have sex with celebrities.

11.) The good life. This dream varies some in content,  but almost always presents itself in a house on the coast. When I wake from this one, and none of it’s true, I want to throw things.



2 Responses to “Nap, 6-10.”

  1. fig said

    Re: number 11…is this guy there? movies/Sleeping With The Enemy/SleepingWithTheEnemy3.jpg

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