August 5, 2009

New Order is  supposed to wrench out your bottom rib and drag it up and down the others like a glockenspiel.  Not to be featured in an Absolut commercial. Gnash.


2 Responses to “Ceremony”

  1. I hear ya wailing from here…

    “Ceremony” was one of the last song’s ever written by Joy Division’s lead singer Ian Curtis, before he took his own life. JD then became New Order and “Ceremony” became its first release. NO has now become New Absolut World Order and for this violation of Ian’s and our collective memory the members of NAWO should off themselves.

    Yeats said it best: “The falcon cannot hear the falconer;/ Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;/ Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,/ The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere/ The ceremony of innocence is drowned;/ The best lack all conviction, while the worst/ Are full of shite.”

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