Carlson v. Carlson

May 10, 2010

My divorce decree came today.  I’m disappointed that it’s not a scroll of some kind, frame-worthy, with a Guilloche border.


5 Responses to “Carlson v. Carlson”

  1. Alberto said

    Perhaps that means the resurection of the verdancy site is in sight

  2. Will said

    Sorry to hear about this kid, I remember when you first told us you were marrying. Hope you make a quick recovery.

  3. Anonymous said

    Not to worry, I am well and fine.

  4. Jenn said

    Err…that was me.

  5. Will said

    Good. Tough thing but you have a lot of years ahead of you. Too early to panic and too late to worry. :p

    Resurrect Verdancy? Hahhaha. Been a lot of years since then. Still have some of those floating around in my hard drive…. somewhere. I remember ‘lithe’ and ‘baignoire’. Had to look ‘baignoire’ up so I remember it.

    Take care and good luck kid,

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